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Dang, look at that new news

Take advantage of every opportunity -- say yes to everything and then figure out how to make it all work later. This is the kind of advice I'm generally really reticent to take because I am a very serious cautious deliberator (have I mentioned that already?) but Fall is the Season of Over-Extending Yourself (seriously, how do I get that gif onto a business card?).

Surprise! I'm the new Fiction Editor of the beautiful and intelligent Longleaf Review! I'm really thrilled to be joining the team -- part of me still can't believe that it's happening (imposter syndrome - I've really pulled the wool over Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Lachappelle's eyes: insert maniacal laughter!) -- and taking on this seriously important / challenging / exciting role.

I'll be working with a great editorial team, including new Assistant Fiction Editor Kate Finegan (dream colleague!!!), Poetry Editor Adelina Sarkisyan and Creative Nonfiction Editor Paige Perez. There's a great news post up on the Longleaf site with interviews with me, Kate, and Adelina - I hope you'll check it out and submit once our Submittable page is open to new work this Thursday, November 1!

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