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New prose poem up at Unbroken Journal

Happy eclipse season, everyone! I had a new prose poem come out last week, one day before the first new moon (and solar eclipse) of July, and I'm so happy. Check out "For Federico García Lorca, on All Saints' Eve" in Issue 22 of Unbroken Journal.

The poem was inspired by one of my favorite Federico García Lorca poems, "Nocturne of the Dead Adolescent," from his collection of Galician poems written in 1932-33. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, and I was thinking about it a lot last fall.

Big thanks to the editors of Unbroken Journal, Howie Goode, Laura Gregory, and Dale Wisely, for swooping it up and placing it in their July issue. I was thrilled to see it alongside beautiful pieces from my wonderful friend, Toronto-based author Barbara McVeigh and the inimitable Cathy Ulrich.

This poem's form -- unlineated, block poetry -- is new to me, and chafes a bit. My natural inclination is to break things up a lot, introduce a lot of space, a lot of breathing room, for my words to take up space. I'm still trying to relax into it, seeing this poem as a big block. A good exercise for eclipse season, trying out new things.

I hope you enjoy it.

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