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Hold the Phone: "A Reckoning" nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize!

I got great news over email a couple of weeks ago from the publisher of Ellipsis Zine, the super wonderful print+online flash pub that picked up my first CNF piece for publication. Steve wrote me: "I'd like to nominate 'A Reckoning' for a the Pushcart Prize 2019, and wanted to check in with you first. Please let me know either way..." I nearly spit out my cereal (it was breakfast!) and replied immediately with the first words that came to mind: "I'm floored," thinking to myself, yes! yes! yes! please nominate me for the Pushcart, wow! yes! I wrote other things, too, but I right now just want to communicate how excited I was and how mundane these moments can be, too. Cereal. Kitchen table. Scrolling through my email on my phone.

I am astounded that Ellipsis Zine has chosen to nominate my piece "A Reckoning" for a Pushcart Prize -- and before it was even published! When the piece did come out last week, it was doubly special. This piece took a while to ferment and brew, and it felt really good to see it come out when it did, late in the fall of 2018. The timing feels right.

A big, big thanks to Steve Campbell at Ellipsis Zine for believing in this witchy piece of creative nonfiction. Best of luck to all of our nominated pieces!

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